Rosehair Vietnam is one of the leading brands in Vietnam in the field of hair export owned by Vietnam Rosala Trading Joint Stock Company with annual turnover up to USD 5 million. The company offers a variety of products including rare items: gray hair, thin hair, etc. We have a number of products using Korean technology, is a new technology in hair treatment, using natural products such as coconut oil, grapefruit oil, olive oil to create more beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly products than traditional technology.

Our products are made from 100% human hair. Hair is cut directly from women in remote ethnic groups. We set up a quality control system with full standards to meet the requirements of our customers. 05 important standards of quality control include: standard lengths do not differ by more than 1.5%, braiding weight does not exceed 1% of the hair volume, color standards in accordance with international color standards, the number of short hair is less than 20%, each piece will only be selected from maximum 3 hair types of 3 different people. For our customers’ specific requirements, we can supply hair just from a girl’s hair (remy hair)

We have a commitment to always harmonize the interests of the business and the interests of customers: Ensure timely delivery, Supply samples up to nearly 50 different types of hair, Listen and resolve the customers’ complaints fastest.
With tradition as a manufacturing enterprise, we always bring customers the most competitive prices and always have the discount policy for customers to buy in large numbers and loyal customers, especially with our main types of hair such as: raw hair, weft hair and color hair.

Please visit our following addresses: Alibaba, Website, Facebook, Vk, Instagram to better understand our business. You can make orders directly on the website or call our customer service for quick support. We will make commitments to create your reality.



Nguyen Quang Huy